II. Our people

Our team is guided by our common values & purpose.

We value Diversity, because it’s our creative edge to solve challenging problems.

We value Skill, because we rely upon each other’s excellence, fueled by pride in our work.

We value Friendship, because life's too short to spend with people we can’t laugh, learn, and linger with.

These values are energized by a common purpose: to create products that make better experiences in life, because in that way, life is made by us.

Nicole Felicité

Office Manager

Zhengwei Li

Software Engineer - Back End

Sam Broe

Head of Product

Kenji Larsen

Chief Technologist

Chuanhui Zhang

Software Engineer - Back End

Petr Kout

Head of Platform Engineering

Noah Keating

Head of Mobile

Dana Totir

Research Lead

Leo Fernandez

Senior Recruiter

Chris Wannamaker

Senior Hardware Engineer - Electronics

Manny Ramos

People Team Lead

Murtuza Quaizar

Hardware Engineer - Embedded Software

Melinda Rivera

Lab Manager

Ilan Levin

Head of Hardware Engineering

Janelle Vladimir

Mobile Developer

Carl Ramdas

Tech Writer

Alejandro Largo

Design Director

Zach Smith

Head of Operations and Finance

Stefaan Van Den Broecke

Industrial Designer

Anna Jordan

Chief of Staff

Sonny Caberwal

Head of XO

III. Technical expertise